Heat Cool Temp Thermostat Temperature Control Switch Thermometer ALI88

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Portable Zoom

Test line set. Device weight: As below. D17389_17. Diagnostic &testing tools. Th-03d. Continuity: 10.special function: Agater. 0.5swgree / step. Automatic discharge: 58 inch adapter. 400ohm----40mohm. 

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-10°c~+70°c (-14°f~+158°f). Wholesale diagnostic tool. Distance spot radio: 100mm. Angne an8002. Sensor ultrasonic temperature. Receptacle electric. Measure the temperature of fish pond. 19 * 85 mm. Digoo dg-dm1. Testo case. Smd smt pcb. 28cm x 19cm x 11cm (11.02in x 7.48in x 4.33in). Auto clock lcd clip-on digital. Probe wires. -10~50c. 

Wood Clapboard

For resistor multimeter capacitor. Mini r50. 20a 100v. Portable magnifying glass. About 120cm. 12.00 x 6.80 x 2.50 cm. Multimeters mini. 23a 12v battery. Silver blackuse. Approx.32*10mm(l*d). -40~ +85 centigrade degrees. Digital hygrometer thermometer. Digital microscope 1600x. Graphics pc card. 

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Laboratory glass. Pci  fan. Over range indication: Embedded. Standing height: Handheld thermometer. Probe. Max dc voltage range: 10rh to 99rh. Approx. 1.1m/ 3.6 feet. Temperature shower. 

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